Trust What's Inside

Subaru‘s core technologies provide every Subaru with the performance, comfort, safety,
and reliability that deliver enjoyment and peace of mind to every passenger.

Sports Car Drivetrain

Laid out symmetrically, the SUBARU BOXER engine puts the crankshaft perfectly in line with the driveshaft. The iconic front engine, rear-wheel drive configuration places the engine farther back and even lower.


The SUBARU BRZ is powered by a 2.4-litre D-4S* SUBARU BOXER engine that‘s placed lower for an even lower centre of gravity vehicle with exceptional handling performance that stays balanced around turns. Improvements allow more power, better response, and higher torque in all speed ranges while keeping it compact and lightweight.

* TOYOTA D-4S is a trademark of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Balanced and stable by design.

The SUBARU BOXER engine naturally generates less unwanted vibration than other engine types due to the pistons' opposing movements that inherently counteract each other.

What are its advantages?

Durable and reliable with its low centre of gravity design, its pistons move toward each other horizontally, providing stability and minimum vibrations in every Subaru.


174 kW (237 PS) / 7,000 rpm

250 Nm (25.5 kgfm) / 3,700 rpm

Drive Mode

Select from five driving modes (Normal, Snow*, Sport*, Track, and VDC OFF mode) to match the road condition and how you want to drive. Information displayed on the LCD meter changes with each mode.

* Available only on AT models.


The SUBARU BRZ was carefully designed for reduced air resistance and excellent driving stability. Many parts of the vehicle, including the integrated ducktail rear spoiler, wheel arches, and side sill spoilers create downforce at speed to reduce drag.

Balanced and in control.

The SUBARU BRZ‘s near-perfect front/rear weight distribution provides amazing balance and traction control when accelerating, decelerating, and cornering, helping the driver keep balanced for a truly sporty driving experience.

Low Centre of Gravity

The SUBARU BRZ‘s rear-wheel drive layout and horizontally opposed SUBARU BOXER engine concentrates the vehicle‘s mass even lower at just 456 mm* above the ground. Overall weight and height have also been reduced for ultra-responsive handling that provides sports car driving pleasure for any driver.

* Measurement varies depending on model and is in accordance with standard measurement of SUBARU CORPORATION.

Lightweight Body

Even with improved collision safety and a more rigid body, overall vehicle weight was reduced. In addition to the inner frame structure and using hot press material and high-tensile strength steel sheets, aluminium materials are used in parts like the front hood, roof panel, and fenders to keep the vehicle lightweight and agile.